Meet Latesha

Name: Latesha Lynch

Friends call me: Tesh

Age: 31

Occupation: Digital Marketing Manager and Blogger

If you could live anywhere, where would it be? New York City

Pet peeve: People who argue just to argue even when they are wrong and people who don’t use signal lights

Favorite book: Is Cosmo magazine a book?

What makes you laugh the most: videos of people getting hurt doing dumb things

Favorite movie: Bad Boys, Along Came Polly and Anchorman

Biggest fear: Spiders

Dream job: A creative director at Cosmo magazine

Favorite food: Pizza

Last time you cried? I was mad at my fiancé because #relationships and watching a video about a baby growing up

What song describes your life? I put on my happy face – Destiny’s Child

A subject I know a surprising amount about: the names of bones

People make fun of me for? That I like cycling uniforms and equipment…like I want one so bad

First thing you did when you turned 30? I threw away all my club clothes (I immediately regretted it the next time I wanted to go out)

What changed when you turned 30: I finally decided I would be less flaky and more honest about what I want to do and not want to do

Best thing about 30: Having most of your shit together

Worst thing about 30? Not being able to eat a ton of junk food without gaining any weight…and hangovers are real