Meet Tiana

Name: Tiana

Friends call me: T, TiTi

Age: 32

Occupation: Program Coordinator

If you could live anywhere, where would it be? Close to a beach

Pet peeve: Dumb people that act smart and picky eaters.

Favorite book: “A Return to Love” –Marianne Williamson

What makes you laugh the most: So many things, but I love witnessing awkward situations that no one else finds funny.  They slay me.

Favorite movie: Rush Hour, Bridesmaids

Biggest fear: Spiders (all species)

Dream job: Talk Show Host

Favorite food: Pizza

Last time you cried? Seeing a picture of a gigantic, baby-elephant sized spider that was photographed approximately 7 miles away from where I live.

What song describes your life? “Unbreakable Smile” (Verse 2) –Tori Kelly

A subject I know a surprising amount about? Celebrity’s kids

People make fun of me for? Crying hysterically while watching talented kid videos on youtube.

First thing you did when you turned 30?  It was Easter Sunday, so I went to church and praised Jesus!

What changed when you turned 30? Naps became an essential part of my day.

Best thing about 30? Confidence is high. Tolerance is low.

Worst thing about 30? If I eat a piece of cake, I immediately gain 5 pounds.