Meet Your Hosts: Tiana & Latesha

Welcoming you to the Let’s Talk 30 podcast are your hosts Tiana and Latesha. This introduction episode lets you meet the hosts of the show, gives you a background of their 18-year friendship, and a peek into their very different 30-something lives. This show is a place for millennial women, but more specifically, 30-something women to relate to their own lives in regards to relationships with friends and mates, work, travel, politics, current events, celebrities, pop culture, and everything in between!

With a full glass of wine, we debut our new Let’s Talk 30 podcast! In this episode, we introduce ourselves as your hosts, Tiana and me, Latesha. We want you to find your host friend among us, so we ask each other questions that people would want to know. At this time, Tiana was 1 week away from her 32nd birthday where we planned on doing an early breakfast with mimosas on deck (yes, on a Tuesday), and bowling with our girls.

Why the Podcast and Blog?

We are millennial women who love reading blogs and listening to podcasts, but we couldn’t find a lot of resources like those for 30-something women. This was the inspiration for this podcast and blog! We will be covering all the topics that matter most to 30-something women like friendship, marriage, dating, work, travel, politics, current events, cooking, pop-culture, celebrities, beauty, and everything in between.

A Little Background

We’ll assume you don’t know much about either of us, so let we give you a little background on our friendship in this episode. We officially met during our freshman year of high school back in 2000. Tiana was super quiet and I take a long time to make friends so we didn’t connect right away. Plus, I had a mini-romance with her crush during a field trip, lol. We ended up having so many classes together that we became friends. We’ve been through countless breakups, dozens of bad dates, a baby, 1 real friend fight with a 3-month friendship breakup to boot, a bunch of jobs, 3 graduations, and 2 trips.

Meet Tiana.

She has a heart of gold, is deathly afraid of spiders, hates sloths, ALWAYS smiling, bad with directions, smart, loves her dog, voted the best smile and was homecoming queen in high school, obsessed with children, and the best friend anyone could ever ask for. Learn more about her here. Current status: happily single (but ready to mingle), dog Mom of 1, full-time Programming Coordinator, and living in the city.

Meet Latesha.

I’m quite feisty, brutally honest, will crash my car if there’s a bug in it (but mostly afraid of spiders), zero patience, I hate surprises, obsessed with my toddler, Liam, a tomboy at heart, a hopeless romantic, forever napping, and flaky as hell. Learn more about me here. Current status: engaged (coming Sept. 2), Mom of 1, full-time Director of Marketing, and living in my first home.

We felt like even though we are best friends, our journey to 30 was just so DIFFERENT, and where we are in our lives is just going in completely opposite directions at the moment. Because of this, we knew a lot of 30-something women would be able to relate to one of us. So keep listening whether you’re married or single, a Mom or child-free, a risk-taker or responsible, a great cook or burning toast, a serial dater or cat lady; wherever you are in your 30-something life, we have been there and have some sound advice and great anecdotes to show you that you’re not alone.

Questions Asked During the Episode

  1. What do you hope people say about you behind your back, Latesha?
  2. Are you where you thought you’d be in your 30s, Tiana?
  3. What has been the most shocking thing that has happened in your life so far, Latesha?
  4. What’s one misconception about millennials that bothers you the most, Tiana?
  5. What subject do you know enough about to teach, Latesha?
  6. Looking back on your life so far, what is the one thing you would change, Tiana?
  7. What has been the hardest lesson for you to learn, Latesha?
  8. What is one risk you plan to take this year, Tiana?
  9. Do you have anyone in your life that you feel like you need to apologize to? Who and Why, Latesha?
  10. How do you think social media has affected your relationship with friends and mates, Tiana?

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